WaleTale Dust containment System


Eliminates Dust! – when mixing mortars, adhesives, and grout in standard buckets!



Simply put, the WaleTale Dust Containment System can save your life as well as those your co-workers’! Crystalline Silica is the basic component of soil, sand, granite, stone, and many other minerals (see OSHA’s PDF Factsheet). When thinking of mortars, adhesives, and grouts, you can rest assured that without protection, you’re exposed to hazardous dust.

For those of us that don’t pay much attention to the labeling, it’s hard to believe that a simple bag of mortar doesn’t have a larger hazard warning label pointing out the hazards and the potential for Silicosis.

Even if you heed the warnings and wear your own safety mask and take proper precautions, are your co-workers? When using the WaleTale everyone’s safe, and there’s no need to nag others into compliance.